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  • Logo design

    Logo design

    We'll design a unique, comprehensive and creative logo for you. We'll address your target group with perfect typography and carefully chosen colors. Each logotype will represent an original idea, and your customers will remember it.

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  • Preparation / assignment

    Preparation / assignment

    Together, we'll prepare a detailed assignment, important for the creation of a successful website. We'll ask you a few fundamental questions – we'll be interested in the website objectives, the target group characteristics, and the goods/services you offer.

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  • Visual identity

    Visual identity

    We'll prepare a unique visual identity for your company to help people recognize you at first glance. We'll pay attention to the logo, font, company colors, logo manual and printed materials. We'll deliver complete materials that are essential for modern business.

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  • Logo manual

    Logo manual

    The logo manual is a guarantee of a consistent visual communication, regardless of the medium or the design creator. It defines the rules for the use of the logo, its positive and negative colors, corporate fonts, colors, and much more. By processing the logo manual, we'll make the first step to a unique and unbeatable corporate identity.

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  • Branding


    We'll design mercantile printed materials that will impress your customers or business partners. We'll prepare business cards, letterheads, forms, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, and even car stickers. Including the composition and prepress.

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A client about the collaboration with ŽITNÍK CREATIVE

Aleš Husník (PR

“... their creativity, originality and timelessness far surpassed all the competitors ...”
ZITNIK CREATIVE was one of the many companies we asked to take part in the competition for the company logo creation. Their creativity, originality and timelessness far surpassed all the competitors. For these reasons, they were asked to create the complete visual style of the newly established company ProFaktum s.r.o., including the web presentation. We were very satisfied with the work of ZITNIK CREATIVE. As their customers, we appreciated flexible and substantive negotiations with maximum helpfulness and the professional approach. They try to oblige their clients as much as possible. Highly recommended! Aleš Husník (PR

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