Michal Tůma | Marketing

“The collaboration with ZITNIK CREATIVE was very good. I appreciate their willingness to accept large orders quickly and to meet all the set deadlines. ZITNIK CREATIVE also worked with us at weekends and during holidays, and the communication was quick and clear. Although we had a precise idea of the web design, they managed to add their own creativity with some interesting ideas. I would also recommend ZITNIK CREATIVE for very large and complex projects, and I hope to continue to work with them." Michal Tůma | Marketing INVIA.czReference details |

Zuzana Starečková -

“Quality, originality and functionality of the new brand (logo) and website had been our priority before they were even created. ZITNIK CREATIVE took care of this and met our demanding requirements. If you hesitate whom to entrust the creation of your logo and website, I can only recommend them; the distance was not a problem for us, either." Zuzana Starečková | CEO Stolařsví Hovorčovice Reference details |

David Příhoda -

“A great and professional approach by ZITNIK CREATIVE! The logo and website have been designed and created absolutely according to our ideas – all from the comfort of the office, without any personal meeting. The people at ZITNIK CREATIVE are doubtless professionals in their field and the investment in the corporate brand has already been repaid several times." David Příhoda | CEO NeoMondo s. r. o. Reference details |

Aleš Husík -

“ZITNIK CREATIVE was one of the many companies we asked to take part in the competition for the company logo creation. Their creativity, originality and timelessness far surpassed all the competitors. For these reasons, they were asked to create the complete visual style of the newly established company ProFaktum s.r.o., including the web presentation. We were very satisfied with the work of ZITNIK CREATIVE. As their customers, we appreciated flexible and substantive negotiations with maximum helpfulness and the professional approach. They try to oblige their clients as much as possible. Highly recommended!" Aleš Husík | PR Reference details |

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Kateřina Churá - HYUNDAI Motor Manufacturing Czech

“ZITNIK CREATIVE has designed and created the web presentation which was essential for the beginnings of our company, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech. That's why we were able to offer work to talented people from the region and the whole Czech Republic and to give them the opportunity to be in the making of the most modern car maker in Europe." Kateřina Churá | PR HYUNDAI Motor Manufacturing Czech

Martin Snížek -

“We've prepared a new company logo and website with CREATIVE ZITNIK. Graphically, the logo and website were a success, which was confirmed by many positive responses after the Optimics brand had been launched. What I appreciated about the co-operation was especially reliability in terms of deadlines and agreed prices and the friendly approach to our demanding comments." Martin Snížek | CEO Reference details |

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