Mobile applications UI

We’ll start up your business with a unique mobile application. We’ll create wireframes and attractive design for you. We design applications with an emphasis on the added value and the target platform. We’ll help you to reach a large number of users and get their sympathy. Our applications excel in sophisticated design, transparency and ease of control.

Mobile applications UI references

Mobile applications UI - ŽITNÍK CREATIVE

Mobile applications UI

  • 1. Wireframe creation

    The creation of successful mobile applications starts with the preparation of prototypes. When creating wireframes, we design the layout of controls and the content. Our user interface is based on the usual behavior of users and recommendations for mobile design. That's why people will often download your application and they’ll like using it.

  • 2. UI / Graphic design of iOS / Android mobile applications

    An average mobile application has four minutes to gain the favor of the users. With modern design, we can get your application to thousands of phones or tablets. We focus on creating graphics for iOS (iPhone) or Android (in the new 4.0 specification). We respect their user interface and, for each platform, we create a custom design.

Mobile applications UI references

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