Visual identity

People judge a company and its offer according to its visual identity. The first impression is simply the most important. The creation of a complete visual identity starts with the logo design and logo manual and ends with processing the documents. With sophisticated design, you can easily address the target audience and be remembered. Your company will look good and communicate successfully.

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Visual identity - ŽITNÍK CREATIVE

Visual identity

  • 1. Logo design

    The logo is the most important element of the corporate identity. That's why we design all logo types after a diligent research. Once we know your goals, customers and competition, we’ll prepare two designs, including business cards and letterheads. Then we’ll improve the selected option, until you are completely satisfied. How does the logo creation proceed step by step?

  • 2. Logo manual

    The logo manual is a guarantee of a consistent visual communication, regardless of the medium or the design creator. It defines the rules for the use of the logo, the positive and negative colors, corporate fonts, colors, and much more. By processing the logo manual, we’ll make the first step to your unique and unbeatable corporate identity. What does a logo manual look like? (*.pdf)

  • 3. Commercial printed material

    Quality printed material will represent you at every step. It’ll capture the attention of your trading partners and gain you credibility. That's why we pay maximum attention to the design of business cards, catalogs, brochures and other documents. Every detail is important to us. In addition, we provide prepress after your approval.

  • 4. The result is a consistent visual corporate style.

    You can see an example of a unified visual corporate style here. (*.pdf)

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