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Our process of website creation has six steps, that will lead to your successful and efficient presentation. When creating a website, we think hard and we are looking for the best solution. The main advantage of our process is a fast implementation and universal quality. Our clients most often praise us for creativity and sophisticated design.

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Web design

  • 1. Assignment preparation

    The work on a new website starts with involving the clients in the assignment preparation. At first, we find out what you expect from the website. We’ll ask you about the website goals, your customers, offered goods/services and other important things. With your precise input, we’ll be able to deliver a website that will definitely meet all your needs.

  • 2. Creation of wireframes

    Wireframes make the website creation faster and they are an ideal template for the graphic designer. After the assignment is created, we suggest a new website structure, including the content layout. We take each website element into account and find the perfect place for it. Even while we are still in the prototype creation phase, we are thinking about how to attract your potential customers.

  • 3. Design and graphics

    We create a unique visual look that will appeal to your customers. With creative design, it’ll be easy for you to get their attention. Clear graphics will lead them to the information they are looking for. A website of exceptional quality will persuade them to send you their order. We create functional design for websites, e-shops and microsites.

  • 4. XHTML / CSS / responsive templates

    When coding the (X)HTML/CSS templates, we take both the user and the search engines into account. According to estimates, in 2014 the number of visitors from mobile devices and computers will be the same. That’s why we can prepare responsive templates that will display the website content well on computers, smart phones with touch screens and tablets. Your new website will be accessible to everyone.

  • 5. WordPress implementation

    WordPress is the most popular content management system. It’s easy to use, it offers a lot of useful features and independent developers are constantly adding new enhancements to it. We recommend that our clients build websites using WordPress. Thanks to the ease of use, all content editing will take them only a few minutes.

  • 6. SEO / Promotion

    Everyone wants to get ahead on the Internet, but only some succeed. We’ll help you make your new website visible or revive the already existing one. We choose the most effective tools that will bring potential customers to you. We focus on the search engine optimization, link building and other methods of Internet marketing.

  • 7. Administration and maintenance

    The ongoing website management and maintenance is more important than you think. Thanks to the up-to-date content, people will trust your website more. Moreover, you’ll develop a reputation as a true expert. We provide all adjustments and updates for our clients as fast as possible. At the same time, we’ll regularly consult the website improvement ideas with you.

The cost of Web design What clients say about us Web design references

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