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  • Logo design

    Logo design

    We'll design a unique, comprehensive and creative logo for you. We'll address your target group with perfect typography and carefully chosen colors. Each logotype will represent an original idea, and your customers will remember it.

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  • Preparation / assignment

    Preparation / assignment

    Together, we'll prepare a detailed assignment, important for the creation of a successful website. We'll ask you a few fundamental questions – we'll be interested in the website objectives, the target group characteristics, and the goods/services you offer.

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  • Wireframe


    We'll draw wireframes for all the important pages of your website. Thus, we'll design its structure and information architecture. The prototype creation is based on the website objectives, website content and behavior of the target users.

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  • Design and graphics

    Design and graphics

    We'll create functional and creative design for your website, e–shop or microsite, emphasizing the user experience and its relation to the company visual identity. This will help users to find what they need on your website quickly.

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  • HTML / CSS templates

    HTML / CSS / templates

    The graphic design will be used to create professional (X)HTML/CSS templates. We conform to modern standards, and semantics and accessibility rules. In addition, we can also create responsive templates to ensure your website is correctly displayed on mobile phones and tablets.

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  • CMS


    We'll install the WordPress CMS, upload the new design, fill the webpages with content and prepare the website for the launch. We'll also show you how to add new text, video or images quickly and easily.

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  • SEO


    We'll make your website visible for search engines and other places. We can work with all the time-tested Internet marketing tools – search engine optimization (SEO), backlink building, communication on social networks etc.

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  • Management and maintenance

    Management and maintenance

    We pay a great attention to the websites of our clients even after the projects are completed. We'll make minor adjustments and add updated content for you. At the same time, we'll provide you with ideas to enhance the business success of your website.

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A client about the collaboration with ŽITNÍK CREATIVE

Zuzana Starečková (CEO Stolařsví Hovorčovice)

“... quality, originality and functionality of the new brand (logo) ...”
Quality, originality and functionality of the new brand (logo) and website had been our priority before they were even created. ZITNIK CREATIVE took care of this and met our demanding requirements. If you hesitate whom to entrust the creation of your logo and website, I can only recommend them; the distance was not a problem for us, either Zuzana Starečková (CEO Stolařsví Hovorčovice)

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